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do the job of art - artwork that's an item of among the high-quality arts (Primarily a portray or sculpture of inventive benefit)

(= human endeavour) → Künstlichkeit file; unspoiled by art → unverbildet; are they the merchandise of art or character? → sind sie natürlich oder von Menschenhand geschaffen?; her natural beauty owes more to art than mother nature → sie verdankt ihre Schönheit mehr der Kunst als der Natur

a. The conscious use of the imagination within the manufacture of objects meant to be contemplated or appreciated as wonderful, as during the arrangement of forms, sounds, or phrases.

vindingryk بِمَهارَة، بِفَنِّيَّه хитър astutamente obratně, rafinovaně listig snedigt; udspekuleret επιτήδειαastutamente; con mucha maña osavalt با هنرمندی kekseliäästi astucieusement בְּעָרְמָה कुशलतापूर्वक prepredeno ügyesen secara cerdik kænlega astutamente 巧みに 교묘하게 gudriai viltīgi; slīpēti dengan liciknya gewiekstlistig przebiegle له چالاکی سره ، په مهارت سره astutamente cu viclenie хитроумно prefíkane prekanjeno vešto förslaget, slugt อย่างมีเล่ห์เหลี่ยม kurnazca 狡猾地 спритно فن کارانہ khéo léo 狡猾地

aesthetics, esthetics - (art) the branch of philosophy addressing natural beauty and flavor (emphasizing the evaluative standards which might be applied to art); "traditional aesthetics assumed the existence of universal and timeless conditions of creative price"

a motion inside the late nineteenth century in French painting, characterised by the intention of reproducing an perception of a subject by usage of mirrored light and coloration plus the blurring of outlines. — Impressionist, n., adj. — Impressionistic, adj.

Arts Council N (Brit) institución pública encargada de la promoción de la cultura y de las actividades artísticas

c. Items of the activity; imaginative performs considered as a bunch: artwork on Show from the lobby.

5. (Artwork Conditions) excellence or aesthetic merit of conception or execution as exemplified by these works

vocabulary - the process of procedures or symbols serving as a means of expression (as in arts or crafts); "he launched a broad vocabulary of techniques"

"We needs to have ... art for art's sake ... The gorgeous can't be how to what's helpful, or to what's superior, or to what is holy; it prospects only to by itself" [Victor Cousin Sorbonne lecture, 1818]

one. an overemphasis on any distinct technique of expression, occurring when the method of expression obscures the feeling or concept expressed inside the perform of artwork; regarded by a lot of artwork critics being an indication of decadence. — mannerist, n. — manneristic, adj.

artwork - the merchandise of human creativeness; performs of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a good collection of art"

drawing - an illustration that is definitely drawn by hand and revealed within a e-book, magazine, or newspaper; "it is revealed because of the drawing in Fig. seven"

decalcomania - the art of transfering styles from specifically geared up paper into a wood or glass or metallic floor

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